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Ihr Digitaler Dienstleister
für die Kerntechnische Branche

You have an exciting project idea in the digital field, want to introduce your new product to your target market through targeted targeting, or want to drive forward the digitization of your company. Perhaps you are also planning to establish hybrid or online training, or are looking for digital premises for your in-house or customer-based event. With actimondo, you have exactly the right partner at your side.

We guide you with competence and expertise flexibly through all the necessary steps from market analysis, planning and design to implementation and marketing of your business model. Benefit from our international, industry-wide network, our established digital structures and our years of expertise in the event and training sector.  Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Strong as a team

  • International Network

Werden Sie Teil unserer umfassenden, sich stets erweiternden kerntechnischen Gemeinschaft aus Hochschulen, Institutionen, Behörden und Unternehmen und nutzen Sie die sich dadurch ergebenden Vorteile.

  • Erprobte Strategien

Erkennen Sie, wie Ihr Unternehmen auch ohne große Reichweite auf Social Media, als innovativ und attraktiv von Ihrer Zielgruppe wahrgenommen wird.

  • Bewährtes Hub

Erhalten Sie Zugang zu einem einzigartigen virtuellen Veranstaltungsort, um Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Produkte zielbringend zu platzieren, Ihrer Events oder Trainings anzubieten, und neue Partner und Kunden zu gewinnen.

The actimondo concept

By partnering with actimondo, you will have the advantage of benefiting from our valuable contacts in the nuclear industry. Together with your placement on our virtual hub, where events, trade fairs and trainings are continuously offered, this guarantees the successful marketing of your business model. Your actimondo team will support you throughout the entire process.

actimondo is an exceptionally competent service provider and partner in the nuclear sector. They support us with their many years of expertise, their passion, their creative ideas and their network in planning and implementing our ideas. They deliver what they promise. Many thanks thereby to Dr. John Kettler. 
- Dr. Hendrik Wiesel (Manager Competence Hub) - Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (ANF) - Framatome

Development of innovative training program

The online conference DECON as a German-Korean cooperation was a complete success. We are looking forward to further cooperation with actimondo.
- Beom-Seo Park (Executive Senior Vice President) - KEPCO E&C, Republic of Korea

Unternehmen B

Idea: Strengthening German-Korean relations in the nuclear field through a cooperative event.

Challenge: Spatial distance, referral of interested parties, marketing, organization, technical implementation and execution of the event.

Solution: Together with its partners, the actimondo team created the necessary digital infrastructure, created the program and content of the conference, took over marketing and organization, recruited sponsors and exhibitors, and implemented, moderated, and technically supported the event. Due to its success and the positive feedback from participants, the conference will now be expanded into a regular online event.








actimondo supports us in building up our international alumni network for the young professionals, whereby we are aiming for a hybrid solution of virtual venue and local professional meetings on the part of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. We are happy to have a competent partner at our side.
- Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Steinmetz (Nuclear Waste Management) - FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Deutschland

Unternehmen C

Idea: Establishment of a platform for the alumni network to bring students and young professionals into a constructive professional exchange.

Challenge: Development of a complex e-learning environment for face-to-face and online events with many modules and interfaces as well as networking of schools, universities and industry.

Solution: This unique pilot project is currently in the set-up phase. The network of actimondo as well as the already existing virtual environment on the atomondo Hub, as the central interface of the targeted modules, serves as the basis. A 3-source model was developed that combines the virtual venue with a learning management environment as well as face-to-face events. The actimondo team, in cooperation with Prof. Steinmetz, students, teachers and industry partners, has already started the implementation. A kick-off event is planned for April 2022.






Get to know our services

Learn more about our services and how you can benefit from our expertise in the nuclear community.

Take advantage of our all-inclusive concept:
The Marketing

Whatever your desired goal is, whether it is to attract new professionals in a timely manner, to attract the right customers to your services and products, or even to introduce an innovative business model to the digital market.

We advise and accompany you through all essential phases of your digital project far beyond mere marketing. Starting with the planning and elaboration, through the technical implementation, to the realization and execution, a competent team is at your side and supports you not only in all questions that arise, but also takes over all necessary work steps at your request. In doing so, we draw on a large portfolio of established digital structures and tools. In addition, you benefit from our digital marketing, whereby we are happy to support you in marketing, acquisition and sales. This allows you to concentrate fully on the essential aspects of realizing your business model.

Place yourself beneficial:
The Hub

Get access to the central hotspot of our nuclear community, the virtual venue "atomondo", which offers training seminars for students, onboarding of new employees or advanced training for professionals, in addition to a year-round company exhibition and regular international conferences.

Take advantage of this unique digital environment for your business model, and see how your company can be perceived as innovative and attractive by your target group, even without a large reach on social media. Present your company to potential employees without much effort. Operate precise targeting for your products and services and benefit at the same time from our integrated, digital marketing strategy. Establish profitable contacts with regional and international institutions and companies in the industry and win new customers.

In addition to the numerous events and training sessions that take place, you can also book the Hub to conduct your own digital offering, e.g. an in-house event for your customers or a training seminar for your employees. In doing so, you enjoy the full support of our team.

Benefit from the nuclear community:
The Network

Use our international network with decision-makers in the industry to be perceived as a solution partner. The actimondo network includes numerous industry-relevant companies and institutions as well as public authorities and universities. And this not only throughout Germany or the EU, but internationally.

This is advantageous for you in several respects. In addition to the possibility of an intensive exchange with potential customers and partners and the use of the network for market analysis, marketing and sales, the actimondo team integrates the network directly into your digital development process on request. This creates advantageous synergies and fast solutions, such as finding suitable cooperation partners or the uncomplicated procurement of suitable speakers for your trade event. The goal is always to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose actimondo?

actimondo has unique selling points that no other service provider can offer you. Our consulting and marketing services are specialized in the nuclear sector and focus on the digital or hybrid application area. Our team's years of experience as well as innovative, well thought-out structures and established systems give you both the necessary confidence and a unique cost advantage. And through our industry-wide, international network, the right target group of potential partners and customers is directly available to you.

Are there any fees for using the virtual hub?

The virtual hub is freely accessible to every visitor after a free registration. In this way, actimondo guarantees you, as a member of the Hub, a maximum rate of potential interested parties. Only during access-restricted events on the Hub (e.g. paid conferences or rented internal company events) is access to the Hub restricted for visitors. As a member of the Hub, you will incur usage fees that are necessary for technical maintenance, applicable operating costs, regular upgrades, services and marketing. The amount of the fees is based on the service you choose to provide on the Hub. Note: As an actimondo customer, you are free to decide whether to become a member of the Hub.

As an actimondo customer, am I directly part of the network?

Simply put: Yes. As an actimondo customer, you benefit from our industry-wide, international network of universities, authorities and companies. Throughout the entire cooperation, we strive to establish contacts that are beneficial to you in the sense of a win-win situation for all parties involved. With your consent, you yourself also become part of the network, although you naturally always retain full control over the nature and strength of your involvement. In any case, our experience shows that you benefit from a significant increase in customers and business partners.

The people behind actimondo

actimondo is led by Dr. John Kettler, who is specialized in the nuclear sector and has many years of experience as an entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in marketing and organizing and conducting events and training seminars. David Wippler, who worked for many years in R&D projects in the energy sector and has great expertise in the technical field, is responsible as CTO for the digital infrastructure on which the company is built. The team further consists of specialists in marketing, translation services, digitization, video editing, graphic and web design and programming, some of whom work as freelancers. In addition, actimondo regularly cooperates with international partners.

Convince yourself!

Do you have any questions about our products or services? We offer you a free initial consultation to get to know us without any obligation. Feel free to contact our team - we look forward to hearing from you!

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